Sikh Made to Get Off Qantas Flight

March 15, 2007

Source: Daily News and Analysis India

SYDNEY: The Indian community in Queenstown is upset after a Sikh hotel worker was made to get off a Qantas flight last week as some passengers thought he could be a terrorist.

Harminder Singh Mavi had boarded a routine Qantas flight between Queenstown and Auckland on March 7, but was requested to disembark minutes before the flight took off, according to the Mountain Scene newspaper in Queenstown, New Zealand.

"I was shocked and I left the plane because I was a bit afraid someone might take my turban off. I was embarrassed. I had not done anything," Mavi told the newspaper.

"People either side of me were saying they don't want me on here. One of the ladies told another guy that she was not comfortable with me on the plane," he added.

Mavi is planning to leave Queenstown because of the embarrassing incident.