Sikh-ing Harmony Interfaith Dialogue Project Launched on Independence Day

July 4, 2006

Source: Sikh Council on Religion and Education

On July 4, 2006 the Sikh Council on Religion and Education reported, "The Sikh Council on Religion and Education (SCORE) and the Dialogue Forum announce the launch of an innovative interfaith dialogue project: Sikh-ing Harmony. This project facilitates dialogue and understanding between the three major Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – and Sikhism... The Sikh-ing Harmony project will be based in Washington, DC and Boston, MA and will spread to other cities throughout the country. Advisor Courtney Erwin, Esq. stated, 'In today’s globalized community, we cannot ignore or hope to escape the tragic consequences of religious divisiveness. The Sikh-ing Harmony project will counter such destructive discord with a truly innovative approach to interfaith dialogue.' This project will make use of existing congregational interfaith relationships and take advantage of non-religious forums like book clubs, theater, open mic nights, and artistic exchanges to engage a wide variety of participants. 'As Americans, we need to move beyond the idea that interfaith relations are important only to those who identify with major religious traditions. The fundamental issues here are social justice and the freedom to profess one’s own, distinct identity -- things that affect every American citizen,' said Dialogue Forum Director and Harvard Divinity School graduate student, Chris Byrnes."