Sikh Hate Crime Victim Files Civil Suit Against Attackers

July 12, 2005

Source: Sikh Coalition

On July 12, 2005 the Sikh Coalition reported, "One year after a brutal beating by five men yelling ethnic and religious epithets, Rajinder Singh Khalsa announced that he is filing a civil suit against his attackers. The lawsuit marks the first time a Sikh hate crime victim has filed a civil suit against his attackers.

Mr. Khalsa was unable to work for months after the beating. He also accumulated significant medical expenses as a result of damage to his face caused by the attack. The suit will attempt to recover his lost wages, medical expenses and punitive damages from both his attackers and the restaurant involved in intoxicating his attackers. Mr. Khalsa also hopes the suit will send a message that victims can and should stand up for their rights.

'People should know that Sikhs will not suffer in silence,' said Rajinder Singh Khalsa. 'I hope for justice not only for myself, but all hate crime victims.'"