Sikh Gurdwara Organises Swine Flu Injections for Community

February 10, 2010

Author: Satnam Singh Khalsa

Source: The Sikh Times

An initiative lead by the Gurdwara has allowed the Sikh community to take preventive steps against the much-feared affliction, Swine Flu shots were administered on February 7, Sunday, to members of the sangat at Gurdwara Sahib, Fremont. Calfornia Disease Control (CDL) has declared Swine Flu as a pandemic disease that originates from animals and spreads from humans to humans.

People are dying daily because of this disease and in the US only, some 400 have succumbed to this disease. More than 100 deaths have occurred in California alone.

The exercise to administer the Swine Flu shots started at 11 am and went on till 3:30 pm.

First the community members were asked to fill a form. May volunteers came forward from within the community to help out in this venture.

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