Sikh Gurdwara Breaks Ground in CA

April 29, 2004

Source: Sikh News

On April 29, 2004 Sikh News reported, "Selma, California, USA -- The ground breaking ceremony for Gurdwara Kalghidar Sahib took place April 25, 2004. The Sangat of Selma, California gathered to celebrate Baisakhi and to lay the foundation stone of the new building. The Gurdwara’s regular program concluded around 1:15 PM. After Ardas, the Panj Piaras in blue tunics, kesri turbans and unsheathed swords, lead by Bhai Tara Singh, walked from the current Gurdwara building to the new site, reciting the name of the Almighty... About 150-200 sangat members were present."