Sikh Guard Says He Was Told to Wear Hard Hat Or Lose Job

August 18, 2009

Author: Jenny Yuen

Source: The Toronto Sun

A manager of a Milton Home Depot accused of discriminating against a Sikh security guard after he refused to take off his turban for a hard hat says that the guard may have mistakenly heard he'd be "fired" instead of "fined."

"Anyone who was not wearing a hard hat was told to put one on," Home Depot assistant manager Brian Busch told Ontario Human Rights Commission vice-chairman Ena Chadha yesterday.

"(The fine warning) was just in case the ministry of labour showed up."


Deepinder Loomba, 51, an employee of Reilly's Security Services on Caledonia Rd., says he was told by Busch on Dec. 6, 2005, that he was required to wear a hard hat to patrol outside, despite construction taking place inside the store.

The company argues that safety attire needs to be worn anywhere on store property during construction.

Loomba alleges he was mocked by Busch and other employees when he refused to take off the turban. He says he was later told by Busch that he could be fired for not wearing a hard hat.