Sikh Film goes to National Film Festival for Talented Youth

March 10, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: SikhNet

When the 13 year old Singh walked around with 47 hand made fliers to distribute to his neighbors, he didn’t think that he would be instrumental in taking the message of the oneness of humanity this far. His goal was to learn about his neighbors and educate them about himself and Sikhism; he was also taking a small step towards making this world a little friendlier, a little less conflict ridden and a little more connected. Amazed by how his neighbors responded, he decided that there is so much goodness in the world and that it needed to be shared, especially in times when all you hear about is war, violence and fear. So in the summer of 2007, instead of wasting away his time with things that appeal to boys his age, he interviewed people and created a short documentary with the backdrop of Guru Nanak’s message. He called it One Light. Today One Light is making little baby steps to making this world a bit closer by being screened across North America in Film Festivals.