Sikh Film Festival Celebrates its Third Year

October 6, 2005

Source: Sikh News Network

On October 6, 2005 the Sikh News Network reported, "The Spinning Wheel Film Festival is entering its third year of being a forum for audiences and filmmakers to come together in celebration of Sikh film and culture. The Festival continues to expand its scope by presenting over 25 films ranging from children’s programming to gritty documentaries and dramatic features. The Spinning Wheel Film Festival is a cinematic examination of Sikh life and culture, as well as universal themes of human rights, global peace, religious freedom, and tolerance. The Festival sponsors seek to use the power of film and video to both entertain and educate, while also challenging conventional perspectives on complex and challenging issues facing the Sikh people and the world community alike. The aim of the Festival is to provide a forum for the community (Sikh and non-Sikh) to preview Sikh films, engage in discussions and inspire the next generation of Sikhs to pursue careers in the arts."