Sikh Family in Lincoln Targeted by Vandals

August 11, 2005

Source: Sikh Sangat / Lincoln Journal Star

On August 11, 2005 the Lincoln Journal Star reported, "As Narinder Bajwa was leaving for work Monday morning, he noticed that the tires on his son's car were flat. Later, his wife checked the tires on the car, parked in the driveway. She discovered that they had been slashed with a knife and that someone had scrawled 'Damn Taliban' and other hate messages on the car and several obscene words. The Bajwas... are from India and are members of the Sikh religion. They have no connection with the Taliban, the former rulers of Afghanistan. And the car belongs to their son Manjiv Bajwa, an infantry private in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany who is scheduled for deployment to Iraq in November. His father said he felt 'hurt' more than angry about the incident. 'My wife was a little scared,' he said. 'My son is fighting for our country, and we are facing these problems'... The vandalism to Bajwa's car was one of three incidents of vandalism to automobiles within a few blocks of one another in south Lincoln Sunday, Casady said. In all three incidents tires were flattened in a similar way. But hate messages did not appear on all three vehicles."