Sikh Factions Grapple Over Toronto Temple

April 22, 2010

Author: Megan O'Toole

Source: The National Post

Two opposing Sikh factions clashed yesterday at a Toronto temple, with both sides emerging from parallel meetings to assert their control of the facility.

Major Singh, secretary of Rexdale's Sikh Spiritual Centre, accused 10 directors on the board of "misleading the congregants" and funnel-ling funds from the temple; as he spoke, members on the opposing side shouted: "Liar! He's lying!"

Major Singh Kler, a director on the opposing side, said the board was trying to oust his group to maintain power in a few hands "for their own interests."

While they sparred, more than a dozen police officers stood by; some temple-goers believe their presence was the only thing preventing a physical outburst similar to last week's clash in Brampton, which drew some of the same faces.