Sikh Doctor Says Wearing Turban Doesn't Make One More or Less Sikh

September 24, 2005

Source: The Globe Gazette

On September 24, 2005 The Globe Gazette reported, "Wearing the traditional Sikh turban makes Dr. Sant Hayreh distinctive in North Iowa. But, he says, the turban (or its absence) doesn’t make him any more or less a Sikh. 'Most of the modern Sikhs don’t wear turbans. They shave their beards,' Hayreh said. But Hayreh has opted to observe what for him is a familiar tradition. 'It’s not a question of what you look like, it’s what you believe in that’s most important in Sikhism,' Hayreh said... In contrast to the Hindu tradition or to Islam, Sikhism is 'very open,' according to Hayreh. The religion includes aspects of both older religions, but not their restrictions... Hayreh said he lives out his faith by 'what I do every day. Trying to be an honest, decent person, care about other people and be compassionate.'"

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