Sikh Community Recognized in Hospital Naming

March 7, 2005

Source: CNW

On March 7, 2005 CNW reported, "William Osler Health Centre (WOHC) has announced that the Emergency Department at the new Brampton Hospital campus scheduled to open in 2007 will be named the 'Guru Nanak Emergency Services Department.' 'The Board of Directors of the hospital recognize the size, scope and contributions to our society by the Canadian Sikh community living and working in our hospital's catchment area,' says Bryan H. Held, WOHC Board Chair. 'This is a fitting and lasting tribute to the Canadian Sikh and South Asian community.' The idea to name the new Brampton Hospital Emergency Department in recognition of the Canadian Sikh community was put forward in April 2004. A Naming Task Force examined the issue and recommended a number of criteria for use now and in the future for decisions about naming recognition for a specific community group. Among them was that the recognition be permanent and sustainable."