Sikh Community Outraged Over Starvation Death of Sikh Inmate

April 2, 2004

Source: NCM

On April 2, 2004 NCM reported, "In mid February, 72-year-old Khem Singh passed away at the Substance Abuse Facility at Corcoran State prison. Crippled and bound to a wheelchair, he died of lung and heart failure brought on as a result of starvation. Fellow inmates repeatedly alerted the authorities about his condition but allegedly no action was taken. One inmate wrote a letter to Sen. Gloria Romero (D. Los Angeles) begging for her intervention but it arrived a few days late. Khem Singh died on Feb 16. In his letter the inmate accused a prison guard of brutalizing the frail old man. The letter spoke of how Khem Singh committed slow suicide. His weight dropped from about 115 pounds to under 80. Senator Romero, who is the Chairperson of the Corrections Oversight Committee, visited Corcoran to review medical and other related documents. She also spoke to the inmates, including the letter writer, who shared the cellblock with Khem Singh. The matter is under investigation and hopefully those responsible of any wrongdoing will be brought to justice."

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