Sikh Community in Houston Has Tradition of Helping in Local Shelter

November 29, 1998

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On November 29, 1998, the Houston Chronicle reported on the tradition that has developed at the Star of Hope shelter in Houston with the area Sikh community. What started five years ago as an annual feast prepared by the Sikh community at the shelter has turned into a monthly event. The Sikh volunteers, who buy, cook and serve the food, create an Italian-Mexican offering of enchiladas and lasagna to suit the Texan diet. Hardeep Kaur Singh, one of the volunteers, stated, "we thought we needed to give back to this community because we're flourishing...our guru teaches us to help those less fortunate." Mary Smith, a resident at the shelter, stated, "I really appreciate their efforts, and I hope they takes people like this to help you get back on your feet."

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