Sikh Community Holds Blood Drive to Honor Martyrdom of 9th Guru

December 4, 2005

Source: Sunday Observer

On December 4, 2005 the Sunday Observer reported, "Members of the Sikh community in Dar es Salaam congregated in the precincts of the library of the Sikh Temple last Sunday to carry out to conclusion a blood donation drive. The Blood Donation Camp was specifically organised to mark the occasion of the 330th years of the 'Shahidi-divvas' (martysdom day) of 'Hind-di-chaddar Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahebji, the 9th Quru of Sikhs. The Convenor for Education and Health Committee at the Sikh Temple, Dr. K. Gupta told the Sunday Observer this week that a total of 41 donors donated 20.5 litres of blood. The group comprised 12 ladies and 29 gentlemen. 'The camp was also established following an appeal made by the Blood Bank of Muhimbili National Hospital, which had a shortage of blood,' Dr. Gupta explained. He said that the Sikh Community has made the occasion of the martyrdom of their Quru as an annual feature for donating the precious 'life fluid' to Muhimbili Hospital Blood Bank. Dr Gupta said that the Sikh community would continue to hold the camp annually and hoped that the number of donors would increase next year."