Sikh Coloring Books Introduced in Californian Elementary Schools

April 24, 2003

Source: Civil Liberties Digest

On April 24, 2003 the Civil Liberties Digest reported that "Elementary school students in California will be getting a new coloring book - The Boy With Long Hair. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante unveiled the new book which explains why Sikh men wear turbans and refrain from cutting their hair reports San Leandro weekly India West... The idea for the book originated soon after 9/11 when many Sikhs were attacked and Sikh boys in school [were] teased and harassed. Scott Millington, deputy-in-charge of the Hate Crimes Unit for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, said that since the beginning of the war with Iraq, his office was currently prosecuting four hate crimes including one involving a Sikh."