Sikh Celebration Shows Openness

April 30, 2007

Author: Ryan Pfeiffer

Source: Standard Freeholder

The Sikh Education and Research Centre of Cornwall celebrated Vaisakhi Gurpurab, the birthday of Khalsa Panth, at the Sangat Sahib Gurdwara in Williamstown Sunday.

"This day is like our new year with 300 to 500 people gathering at the Gurdwara throughout the weekend from all over," said Neil Shah, from the place of worship Sunday afternoon.

Officially marked on April 14 around the world, the Sikh new year festival commemorates 1699, the year Sikhism was born as a faith.

Everyone, regardless of their faith, was invited for a day of special prayers, singing and chanting of scriptures and hymns, and food, all pursuing the Sikh values of equality, social justice, tolerance and respect for all.

On the main floor of the Gurdwara men and women took up different sides of the room during the praying, singing, and talks.