Sikh Cartoonist Tackles Issues Pertinent to the Community

October 3, 2004


On October 3, 2004 reported, "[I]n a world of intolerance, [Vishavjit] Singh's 'little sketches' are... vital. Consider a few: A panel designed as an eye chart opens with the line, 'I am not what you think I am'; The Statue of Liberty holds a document saying, 'Who are the Sikhs?' while a thought bubble reviews 100 years of Sikh history in America; And a long series of Google searches, displayed on multiple panels, seeks such things as 'A place where Sikhs are not misrepresented' and 'A place where Sikhs are not victims of ignorance.' The response, always, is 'Your search ... did not match any documents.' The closing panel reads, 'Still searching.' Singh's website ( displays more than 100 of his cartoons. They resemble newspaper political cartoons, tackling a range of issues affecting the Sikh community."

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