Sikh Candidate Leaves a Diary of Campaign Life

February 20, 2004

Source: Sikhnet

On February 20, 2004 Sikhnet published Dr. Chirinjeev Singh Kathuria's second diary entry as he moves forward in his bid for the US Senate in the state of Illinois. Dr. Kathuria is currently campaigning to receive the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat. He writes: "One morning last week, while out at a meeting, I got an email from a gentleman who had just seen a picture of me in the media and wanted to know more about me and my campaign. He stated that he was very impressed that someone with a beard and turban was running for public office, especially after 9/11. I wanted to acknowledge this sign of support. You can imagine his surprise when I called him from my cell phone only minutes after he sent his email!

I feel strongly that our representatives at all levels of our government should reflect the diverse population of the United States."