Sikh Ashram in Millis, Massachusetts

October 30, 1999

Source: The Boston Globe

On October 30, 1999, The Boston Globe published an article on the Sikh ashram in Millis, one of two Sikh communities in Massachusetts. The ashram, consisting of 25 housing units and a gurdwara, is comprised of Sikhs who lead typical suburban lives outside of the community, but are bonded by communal worship, meditation, and yoga practice. Jot Singh Khalsa, who lives in the Millis community, stated: "Living as a Sikh means trying to live each moment, each interaction, each relationship in a truthful way...Living in such close quarters can be trying at times but doing yoga and meditation helps build tolerance and patience. There is peace and tranquillity at the ashram and I'm relaxed and comfortable about being who I am." Yogi Bhajan, leader of all Sikhs in the Western hemisphere who is credited with bringing Sikhism to America in the 1970's, will visit the ashram in Millis on October 30th and 31st to celebrate the community's annual yoga festival.