Sikh Artist K.P. Singh Draws His Vision of Universal Humanity

October 20, 2003

Source: Indianapolis Eye News

On October 20, 2003 Indianapolis Eye News reported on a book- signing reception at Butler University for K.P. Singh, the Sikh artist who moved to Indianapolis 38 years ago and who has recently written and illustrated his first book , entitled: The Art and Spirit of K.P. Singh. "K.P., an architect by training, is known for his precise, detailed pen-and-ink drawings of historic architecture and monuments in Indiana and around the world. His work is on display in private and public collections in at least 25 countries... The city has changed a great deal since 1967. K.P. was once the only man in a turban on the streets of Indianapolis — a sight so unusual it merited a mention in the local paper. (Members of the Khalsa, a sub-group of Sikh men, wear the distinctive headgear.) Now there are two Sikh congregations in the city. From a handful of Indo-Pakistani families when he arrived, there is now a community of thousands. As each speaker noted during the program at Butler, the increasing acceptance of the city’s immigrant communities is due in part to the untiring efforts of Singh, a man who lives his belief in the oneness of a mankind illuminated by an invisible life-force he calls 'spirit.'"