Sikh Artist Brings Spiritual Music to Mainstream

August 7, 2004

Source: The Weekly Voice

On August 7, 2004 The Weekly Voice reported, "Dya Singh, a Malaysia-born Australian Sikh, has taken the centuries old musical traditions that flourished as a part of the Sikh spiritual tradition out of the Gurudwaras into the mainstream, of course in the process, altering the sound of it. Ever since he has had to deal with the uneasiness, and sometimes open opposition of the old guard. Sometimes, they are pretty cut and dried and tell him that his music is not welcome. Like it happened last year at the Dixie Gurudwara, which, Dya Singh tells us, refused him permission to sing there. However, an increasing number of people both within the Sikh faith and outside seem to be gravitating toward the unique music created by Dya Singh. Today, he is so popular that he tours the world singing at private concerts to world music festivals, to yes, even gurudwaras."