Sikh Alleges Discrimination Over Headdress

August 30, 2007


Source: MSNBC

Dave Bindra, 22, a Carlsbad resident who said he is a member of the Sikh faith, said Friday that he was barred from entering the Ocean House and the Coyote Bar and Grill on July 27 by bouncers who said he was violating a dress code. Bindra says the bouncers objected to his patka, a close-fitting head covering that is usually worn under traditional turbans favored by men of the Sikh faith.

"I explained that I was wearing it because of my religion, but they said they had a policy of no beanies, no do-rags and no hats allowed," Bindra said.

According to the Sikh Missionary Society, the Sikh faith was founded about 500 years ago in India. The religion, which claims more than 26 million members worldwide, forbids its men from cutting their hair and from appearing in public with their head uncovered.