Sikh “Turbanology” to Train Police Officers

March 23, 2010

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Sikh Times

A groundbreaking documentary exploring the role and symbolism of the turban since the London Bombings is to be used to train Officers at British Transport Police.

It’s the first time that “Turbanology: After 7/7” has been licensed by a British law enforcement agency as an educational toolkit.

Speaking about the licensing Paul Crowther the Deputy Chief Constable at British Transport Police said:  “Understanding the communities we serve means we can better meet their needs, enlist their help in protecting the rail network and reassure them that we are looking after their safety.  This DVD will help us do that for the Sikh and Muslim communities.”

“British Transport Police would like more Sikhs and Muslims to join us as police officers and police community support officers, so they can share their community knowledge with colleagues directly.”