Show Of Strength Against Symbols Of Hate

May 3, 2010

Author: Keith Edwards

Source: The Kennebec Journal

A swastika amateurishly scrawled in blue paint and stretching across both lanes of Outer Highland Avenue, near a Jewish family's home, should not be taken as representative of the community, several church leaders said Sunday.

Nor should it be taken lightly.

"When something like this happens, most of us just drive past, and act like it's no big deal," said Rev. Karen Munson, of Readfield United Methodist Church. "The most significant moral step we can take in ou r lives is to pay attention. Pay attention to each other in the community, and just take care of each other when one is wounded."

Sunday, in a special interfaith service at Winthrop United Methodist Church, about 45 people denounced the swastika and reassured those of all faiths such hate messages will not be tolerated.