Shia Muslims Plan to Build Sikh Shrine in Basra

April 12, 2006

Source: Zee News

On April 12, 2006 Zee News reported, "Fired by their zeal to repay a debt to the Sikhs, India's Shia community has embarked upon a mission to construct a Sikh shrine at Basra in Iraq in the honour of Sikhism founder and first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak. Maulana Kalbe Jawad, India's spiritual head of the Shia community, has decided to lead a delegation of prominent Shia leaders to Iraq to persuade Ayatollah Ali Shistani, the supreme authority of the Shia community the world over, to allow construction of the Sikh shrine at Basra near Baghdad. Zaheer Zaidi, president of the capital-based Husan Ara Trust, said the Shias had never forgotten the great service done by the Sikhs in handing over the shrine of the eighth imam at Samana, near Patiala, to them. 'Through this gracious act, the Punjab government has set an example of communal amity and now it is our turn to repay them by pooling our efforts for constructing a Sikh shrine in Iraq,' he said."