Sharing Their Faith

August 28, 2007


Source: The Enquirer

Families walk into the room, some dressed in traditional Indian clothing, others in modern Western attire.

Men, women and young children, each with their heads covered by a turban or scarf, approach a palki, or altar, with their hands pressed in prayer, bow, drop to their knees and press their foreheads to the floor.

This congregation - a community of Sikhs, known as a Gurdwara - are paying their respects to the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scriptures of the faith during a regular Sunday service of the Guru Nanak Society of Cincinnati located in Liberty Township.

Sikhism began in the Punjab region of India in the 1500s. Founded by Guru Nanak and carried on by nine holy men who followed him, the holy book contains the wisdom of these gurus, or guides.