Sharing Thanksgiving and Diversity in CA

November 24, 2004

Source: Merced Sun-Star

On November 24, 2004 Merced Sun-Star reported, "the [Livingston, CA] Thanksgiving celebration didn't look anything like the iconic image of pilgrims and American Indians sharing crops centuries ago. Instead, it put the spotlight on 60 people who practice eight different faiths and speak a half-dozen languages, all holding hands, dancing and chanting hymns for peace... Christian songs from a Catholic Spanish choir, Japanese hymns sung by a Methodist group, a Hebrew sing-a-long and American Indian prayers interpreted through the lens of the Bahai faith rounded out the night's performances... Livingston's Interfaith Committee formed after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Since then, it has met monthly and convened several religious discussions for people of different faiths."