"Sharing Our Faiths" Introduces Brandeis Students to Different Religious Services

March 23, 2004

Source: The Justice


On March 23, 2004 The Justice reported, "'Sharing our Faiths,' a new series sponsored by the Religious Pluralism and Spirituality this semester, allows students to attend services or gatherings of different religions, including Buddhist meditation, Catholic mass and Muslim, Protestant and Reform Shabbat services. The series is designed to educate participants through pre-service explanations, literature and pamphlets and opportunity for post-gathering discussion. Dara Klein '06, coordinator of the series, created the program because she thinks there is no program on campus that gives students exposure to different religions on campus. Klein also said that the Christian and Jewish services that make up the series will be different from those that are regularly scheduled on Friday and Sunday. For example, at the Catholic Mass, Fr. David Michael will distribute a pamphlet for people to follow along with the service. Furthermore, the reform Jewish service will be run as a learner's service so that attendants can benefit from a slower pace and additional explanation throughout the service...Klein sees the 'Sharing our Faiths' series as a better opportunity for people to see where others come from while exploring their own backgrounds. 'I think a lot of people are genuinely curious,' Klein said. 'I hope this is going to be a series where people can engage in their curiosity.'"