"Shari'ah TV" Examines Life in Britian for Muslims Observing Shari'ah Law

May 27, 2004

Source: IslamOnline.net


On May 27, 2004 IslamOnline.net reported, "A TV program tackling the real issues of living a Muslim lifestyle in Britain proved a must-see success among many community households. The Shari’ah TV series on Channel 4 features British Muslims seeking answers from a team of leading Islamic scholars and experts for the first time on British terrestrial television. 'The groundbreaking new discussion series provide a unique opportunity for both Muslim viewers and those of other faiths to see Islam examined in an honest, sensitive and unsensationalised way,' the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said on its website. 'Shari’ah TV allows British Muslims to explore what it means to live in the western world and follow Shariah Law, and addresses the many misconceptions and prejudices about how these laws fit with 21st Century British life.' Presented by journalist So Rahman, a Muslim, the program looks at subjects including the family, citizenship, consumerism and the relationship between Islam and other faiths. Clarifying Islamic principles and confronting common misunderstandings about the faith – such as media misrepresentation and stereotypes – also come high on the agenda. The program gives the chance to unravel confusions that people may have about Islam, through an interfaith dialogue with other religious figures and audience."