Shaping Islam In America: 10 Young Muslim Visionaries

June 7, 2007

Source: The Islamica Magazine

10 Young Muslim Visionaries


There is no shortage of discussion about what is wrong with Muslims and the Islamic world these days. From our perspective, it is also important to take time to acknowledge the good that comes from Muslims inspired by their faith. For this reason Islamica decided to profile a series of individuals who, we believe, represent the best that the Muslim community in North America has to offer. The group assembled varies widely in terms of occupation and background, but share in common three key characteristics: visionary leadership, innovative approaches, and a level of success that bodes well for America. The list is by no means comprehensive there are many others who may be equally deserving of wider recognition. What captured our attention in the following group was how their efforts stem organically from both their Muslim-ness and their American-ness without compromising or overstating either. In a time where religion is often the pawn of political ambition, the civic engagement practiced by these individuals is a refreshing example of how faith can motivate all kinds of wonderful things.

It should be clear that this is not a top ten list. It is an attempt to bring attention to the extraordinary efforts of individuals who deserve widespread attention from the community, the media and anyone interested in where Islam in America is headed. Our hope is that by drawing attention to these individuals, and the compelling stories they represent, we will provide another platform for them to inspire others to not only participate in their efforts, but also build upon them.