Service not Religion; to Minnesota Taxi Passengers

November 30, 2006

Author: Mike Ghouse

Source: The American Muslim

The passengers traveling to St.Paul/Minneapolis International airport are in for a rude awakening, when they haul for a cab.

On September 28th, John Reinan of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota’s Startribune reported the following: Got wine at the airport? It’s harder to grab a cab about three-quarters of the 900 taxi drivers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport are Somalis, many of them Muslim. About three times daily, would-be customers are refused taxi service when a driver sees they’re carrying alcohol.

“Many Muslim taxi cab drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport have refused service to travelers carrying alcohol, claiming the Quran forbids transporting this “mother of all evils.”

Some Muslim taxi drivers want government support for their objection to hauling alcohol | Mark Bergin of World Magazine.

“We have people sometimes who are refused by cab after cab after cab,” said Patrick Hogan of the Metropolitan Airports Commission. “That’s created a problem.”

Rediff writes” The Metropolitan Airports Commission offered what it thought would be a ‘pragmatic’ solution, special roof lights for Muslim taxi drivers. This proved to be the last straw, and the Metropolitan Airports Commission was inundated with angry messages, asking why a secular body was giving the green signal (literally so!) to a Shariat ordinance.