Senior Official Declares Headscarf Ban a Success

March 15, 2005

Source: Reuters

On March 15, 2005 Reuters reported, "A senior official declared France's law against Muslim headscarves in schools a success on Tuesday, one year after the bill was passed, while a pro-veil group said the new line had claimed what it called 806 victims.

Hanifa Cherifi, inspector general at the Education Ministry, said the law had eased tensions at state schools and reconfirmed the separation of church and state as an essential rule.

After the stormy debate over the law, France now understood its Muslim population better and was more able to distinguish between radicals and moderates, she said.

'In terms of the numbers, the result is quite positive,' Cherifi told Radio France Internationale. 'Beyond that, the general atmosphere is quite positive and satisfactory for all, both the schools and the pupils. We are quite pleased.'"