Seeking Stress Relief, Colorado Executives Turn to Buddhism

December 1, 2003

Source: The Denver Business Journal

On December 1, 2003 The Denver Business Journal reported that "hard-driving executives in Colorado are turning to Eastern practices and philosophies, such as yoga and Buddhism, to deal with the tension of their Western corporate life. Helping to lead the way is Brian Gast -- the stereotypical go-getter executive in a previous life. The founder of former Denver DSL provider Jato Communications achieved a net worth of more than $50 million, wore custom-made Italian suits, took vacations in Hawaii and Australia, and logged more than 100,000 miles of air travel for two years straight, qualifying him to join United Airlines' 1K Club. But during a flight from Denver to New York, Gast had a spiritual awakening." Gast converted to Buddhism, and today serves as an executive coach helping corporate workers find a path toward balance and more happiness in their lives. About 2,000 people a month take classes at his studios, most seeking stress relief.