Secret Evidence and Extended Detentions

April 6, 2003

Source: CBS News

On April 6, 2003 CBS News reported that "Hady Omar came to the United States from Egypt three and a half years ago. He lives in Arkansas with his wife Candy, an Arkansas native, and their daughter Jasmine... He’s never been charged with any criminal offense, but he says he was held in custody in a maximum-security prison for 73 days because he is a Muslim... The agents told Omar that they just wanted to talk. He was taken into custody and grilled for more than seven hours. Then he was taken in handcuffs to the local jail and placed under arrest. He asked to see a lawyer, but he was told that he couldn’t use the phone. He says he even passed a lie detector test, but still wasn't allowed to leave... Omar says one federal agent told him he had been arrested because he bought a plane ticket from a computer terminal at a Kinko's in Florida -- the same Kinko's where Mohammed Atta, leader of the September 11th terrorists, had also purchased a ticket. But no one has officially told either Omar, or the lawyer he was eventually allowed to contact, why he was kept in a maximum-security prison."