Scottsdale's Religious Diversity Grows by Leaps and Bounds, Baha'i Temple is Latest Addition

September 30, 2006

Source: East Valley Tribune

On September 30, 2006 the East Valley Tribune reported, "God goes by many names in Scottsdale, more so now than ever. The city’s growth has brought with it adherents of many faiths, who pray in their own ways and often in different languages. Some have reached a critical mass and have built their own houses of worship, in addition to the 81 Christian churches of various denominations here. The reception given to members of the Bahai Faith, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish communities generally has been warm and welcoming, according to representatives of those denominations. The most recent addition to Scottsdale’s religious diversity is a proposed Bahai Faith temple. The Bahai Faith stresses unity and equality, said Kevin Parsi, secretary of the Scottsdale Bahai Spiritual Assembly. 'The purpose of our faith is unity of humankind and love for everybody,' he said. 'We believe that throughout history, God has provided messengers to bring God’s teachings to humanity'... The temple generally attracts about 100 to 150 worshippers, and on the weekends students from Scottsdale Community College and ASU often visit, he said."