In the Schools: Harassment and Unity

September 19, 2001

Source: South Whidbey High School

On September 19, 2001, students at South Whidbey High School in Langley, Washington pledged "to end the practice of discrimination and hatred in their own hallways and community, and standing up against it when they see others committing it." They issued the statement "Resolution for a United Nation" and challenged high school students across the country to join them. "Students who sign the resolution will wear a gray ribbon that signifies the ashes and the dust that settled over Manhattan. It also symbolizes the determination of the American people to rise out of the ashes and to build again, stronger than ever as a united people, by ending the causes of hatred." For more information, including the full text of the student statement, contact Maura Clevenger, a teacher at South Whidbey High School: