School Board Director Says OK to Recognize Christmas in Schools

December 17, 2003

Source: The Brampton Guardian

On December 17, 2003 The Brampton Guardian reported, "Local public schools are being encouraged to recognize Christmas and other religious holidays without fear of being politically incorrect. In a recent letter to all principals, Peel District School Board Education Director Jim Grieve gave the board's blessing to recognize and celebrate the cultural and religious diversity in their schools. Grieve has told school principals it is better to recognize all faiths and cultures than to ignore them. In visiting schools on a regular basis since becoming education director last year, Grieve said he has found many schools 'uncomfortable' with the issue of faith. He thought it was time to make the board's position clear-- especially at this time of year...Peel schools and communities are composed of students and people from a wide variety of religious and cultural backgrounds, Grieve said. 'I strongly believe schools need to address the whole child, and faith is part of the lives of many of our students,' Grieve said in the letter sent to all principals, superintendents and trustees. 'If we celebrate nothing, we fail to accurately reflect the lives of many of our students.'"