Saudi-American to Run for Congress in CA

February 28, 2004

Source: Al-Jazeera,%20Faryal%20Al-Masri,%20Runs%20for%20US%20Congress.htm

On February 28, 2004 Al-Jazeera reported, "Faryal Al-Masri hopes to be the first Saudi-American to enter the US Congress, contesting elections in California to become a member of US House of Representatives. Al-Masri is running on a Democratic Party ticket in the 37th electoral district in California, which has been a Republican stronghold for over half a century. But Democrats have high hopes for her. “They are optimistic as they see my birth in Makkah as a good omen,” she said. In an exclusive interview with Arab News’ sister publication Al-Majalla, which hits the stands today, Al-Masri said it is going to be a tough fight but she is ready for it."