In Santa Clara, Mosque Provides Forum for "Difficult Questions"

July 11, 2005

Source: The Mercury News

On July 11, 2005 The Mercury News reported, "An effort to educate the public about the Muslim faith gained a new urgency Sunday in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks in London. The Bay Area's largest mosque held a two-hour open house Sunday, distributing free copies of the Koran for the first time and educating visitors on a religious faith that Muslim program coordinators said is too often misunderstood. The event, hosted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Muslim Community Association, was part of a nationwide campaign that began May 17 in response to reports of the Koran being mishandled in detainee camps... The program began with a welcome address that denounced Thursday's attacks in London and terrorism in general. The open house at the MCA in Santa Clara also targeted misconceptions of Islam by providing information on women in the Koran and freedom of religion. At times, the dialogue became heated, especially when non-Muslims in the audience of about 200 criticized Islam, saying that the religion, though purporting to be one of peace, actually condones violence."