For Salt Lake Sikh Community, Giving Thanks is Universal

December 2, 2003

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

On December 2, 2003 The Salt Lake Tribune reported on the daily rituals of Sikhs practicing in the Salt Lake Valley. According to the article, local Sikhs worship in a gurdwara that "rises from an asphalt parking lot on Redwood Road in Taylorsville, looking like any second-rate office building except for the Sikh banner flying from its dagger-topped flagpole, an emblem as meaningful to Sikhs as the cross is to Christians... The gurdwara opens its free kitchen every week. Everyone in the congregation brings supplies and take turns cooking the food, which must be cooked on the day it is eaten. Before daylight on Sundays, families gather at the temple to prepare the meal." Most significant is the daily prayer that Sikhs invoke, giving thanks not only for Sikhs, but "for everyone."