Sali Concerned about Hindu Prayer

August 10, 2007

Author: Mike Butts

Source: Idaho Press Tribune

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Idaho U.S. Rep. Bill Sali has questioned a Hindu prayer that was offered to open the U.S. Senate last month.

Sali is quoted on that when a Hindu prayer is offered, “that’s a different god” and that it “creates problems for the longevity of this country.”

Sali was not commenting on what the Senate should be able to do, Sali spokesman Wayne Hoffman said. But Hoffman said the congressman did oppose a Hindu prayer to open the Senate. Hoffman said the Sali interview when he made the remarks took place on the American Family Network.

“What Congressman Sali is saying is that he happens to disagree with the notion of offering a prayer to Hindu gods, plural,” Hoffman said. “Are we going to start our mornings reaching out to the hand of God or spinning the wheel and choosing what god it lands on?”