Sacramento, Calif. Court Documents to be Translated into Urdu

March 25, 2004

Source: NCM

On March 25, 2004 NCM reported, "[Sacramento, Calif.] is considered by many as the most diverse in the United States, and now officially incorporated within this diversity is the language of Urdu, which accompanied the first South Asian people to step foot in the state of California roughly a century ago...court documents here in Sacramento have for the first time now been prepared in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan and still read and spoken by over a hundred million people in India, the Middle East and certain enclaves in Bangladesh...[W]ith the beginning of small steps, mountains can be conquered. The current mountain before us is the problem of communication between Islamic peoples and the West. Translating California Superior Court documents into Urdu will not conquer that mountain, but it certainly creates a sense of mutual appreciation between nations and cultures. Muslims along with Sikhs from the area that later became Pakistan have been in the Sacramento area for about a century. They have fought wars on behalf of America both here and at home on more than one occasion. Now they are jointly targeting terrorists who are attempting to hijack a faith. And in that effort while we can agree to disagree on a number of points let us communicate better now for a brighter future of peace."