Rwandan Baha’is Celebrate 50th Anniversary, Heal from Genocide

February 2, 2005

Source: Baha'i World News Service

On February 2, 2005 the Baha'i World News Service reported, "The jubilee festivities [in Kigali] were a major victory in the history of the Rwandan Baha'i community, a speaker told the participants at the celebrations. Uzziel Mihembezo, one of the early Baha'is of Rwanda, said that the event was proof that despite the genocide in 1994, the Baha'i community continues to grow. Many Baha'is were among the 800,000 to perish during the violence, and many fled the country. However, the community is thriving, with 28 Local Spiritual Assemblies and Baha'is living in 106 localities... One of the speakers at the festivities was a member of the Continental Board of Counsellors in Africa, Ahmad Parsa. 'It is a great pleasure that many principles of the Baha'i Faith have been adopted by Rwandans in their struggle to recover from what happened in 1994,' Mr. Parsa said."