Russian Officials Oppose Building of $10 Million Hindu Temple

October 22, 2003

Source: The Guardian,2763,1067931,00.html

On October 22, 2003 The Guardian [UK] reported that "Alfred Ford, a great-grandson of the motoring legend, Henry, has outraged the conservative Russian Orthodox Church with his plans to build a huge centre for Hare Krishna and Vedic religion worshippers in the centre of Moscow. The Orthodox Church, whose influence in Russia is rocketing since the fall of Communism eased religious worship, is furious at the prospect that a building big enough to hold 8,000 Hindu worshippers would be built, a few miles from Red Square. The first stone was supposed to be laid in November when the Indian prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, visits Moscow. However, that ceremony is in doubt because of the outcry over the centre. Prominent Russian Orthodox figures have called the church 'open religious expansion.'"