Rochester Muslims Reach Out

September 26, 2002

Source: Democrat and Chronicle

On September 26, 2002 the Democrat and Chronicle reported that "in the year after the 9/11 tragedy, many Rochester [NY]-area Muslims join their counterparts nationwide in feeling very much under the microscope, singled out, under scrutiny -- their most cherished beliefs often misunderstood. Yet those feelings have only strengthened their conviction to reach out to others to educate and to become active partners with non-Muslims in building a better community... Adds Salahuddin Malik, who heads the local chapter of the American Muslim Council, fear of involvement because of worries over official or unofficial 'profiling' should trouble all Americans, not just Muslims. 'Our rights are precious and we must watch them very carefully,' Malik says. 'If a person is singled out because of what he or she looks like or believes, we are all in trouble.’'"