Richardson Mosque Invites Churches to Share In Fast-Breaking Dinners During Ramadan

August 29, 2009

Author: Jeffrey Weiss

Source: The Dallas Morning News

Members of the Dallas Islamic Center plan to break their daylong Ramadan fast today with traditional foods in an untraditional setting: a social hall at the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas.

The mostly Turkish mosque, Richardson-based despite the Dallas name, is part of an informal international network of mosques, schools and social service agencies that place a high premium on interfaith work. The mosque has scheduled at least three fast-breaking dinners, called iftars, at local churches during the monthlong observance of Ramadan, which started last week.

"When we knocked on the doors of the community here, they opened their doors to us," said Imam Nihat Yesil, who moved to North Texas to lead the new mosque eight months ago.

About 100 members of the Presbyterian church are scheduled to eat with about 50 members of the mosque, which is catering with traditional Turkish fare.