Rice’s Visit to Liverpool Mosque Cancelled Due to Protests

March 31, 2006

Source: The Times


On March 31, 2006 The Times reported, "Condoleeza Rice landed at Liverpool John Lennon Airport last night for a two-day tour of the North West. The US Secretary of State was met by Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, and dignitaries including the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Up to 40 anti-war protesters had gathered in Hope Street, where Dr Rice was expected to dine. The protest was one of many expected to dog her visit. Mr Straw had written an open letter urging the people of Liverpool to welcome Dr Rice with the 'warmth the city is known for', but yesterday a visit to the Masjide Al Hidayah mosque in Blackburn was cancelled after the threat of protests. The mosque’s governing body had met activists, including members of the Stop the War Coalition, who had threatened to protest there while Dr Rice was in the building. Mr Master said: 'The visit was not cancelled because we do not like Condoleezza Rice. It would have compromised the safety of the visiting dignitaries.' The Stop the War Coalition is planning to demonstrate at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool where Dr Rice will attend a concert."