Retired Minister Works to Bring Religions Together

July 25, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The News-Star

Wire Service: AP

Almost always, when Protestants and Catholics are formally gathered under one roof in New Orleans — and when they are joined by Jews, Muslims and Sikhs — somewhere in the background will be a retired Presbyterian minister named the Rev. Will Mackintosh.

Mackintosh is perhaps the area's most passionate ecumenist. He is almost certainly the most frequent organizer of ecumenical and interfaith events. For him, the sight of divided Christendom on its knees in a single place, for a little while, is about as good as it gets — topped only when he can organize an event that also includes prayerful representatives of the world's other great religions.

Sixteen years after leaving the pulpit of New Orleans' First Presbyterian Church, Mackintosh leads a small nonprofit whose single goal is to promote common worship and dialogue among Christians of different denominations — ecumenism — and mutual understanding among New Orleans Christians and those of the world's other major traditions.