Report Shows Increase in "Anti-Different" Feelings; Muslims, Jews, Sikhs Are Targets

June 17, 2004

Source: ABC News Online

On June 17, 2004 ABC News Online reported, "Developed through 69 consultations around Australia over 14 months, the [the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission's 'Isma', or 'Listen', report] looks at the extent of prejudice against Arab and Muslim Australians. Commissioned after anecdotal evidence of an increase in racism in Australia since the September 11 attacks in the United States, it highlights the fear, isolation and vulnerability many people are feeling...[Acting Race Discrimination Commissioner Bill Jonas said] says discrimination and vilification in Australia are not new trends, but the report shows a definite increase. 'All round there was a general increase in the level of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti- different type feeling,' he said. 'We actually heard that post-September 11 the Sikh community and the Jewish community also came in for increased vilification and discrimination.'"